Shabazz Napier Blames The “NBA Basketball” For Weird Ball Handle

During the Summer League and offseason, rookie Miami Heat guard Shabazz Napier stated that the reason why is ball handle was off this summer is because of the basketball itself according to AP sources. Napier had a total of 38 turnovers this summer and according to, UCONN used Nike basketballs and in the NBA its Spalding, obviously. Napier told the AP:

“I just want to continue to get better at everything. But my biggest thing is getting comfortable with that basketball. That’s one of my biggest problems and it’s kind of ironic, because it’s a basketball. But it’s different than a college basketball.

I told myself I never wanted to. I felt like it was superstitious, like something bad was going to happen, like I had to earn it. I never touched it and it’s definitely different. This ball is leather and the biggest thing for me now is getting comfortable with it.”

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