Autopsy Shows St. Louis Teen Was Shot From Behind Six Times, Different From Cops Explanation

The St. Louis teen that was killed earlier this month had an autopsy done and the results show that he was shot six times from behind, the fatal one on the side of Vonderrit Myers Jr.’s head.

The officer is on administrative leave. The story that was told from the Police Department is that there was a shootout between the two on the night of October 8. Huffington Post reported:

He was on patrol as a private security guard, but wearing his police uniform and carrying his department-issued gun when the shooting occurred…

…the officer became suspicious when Myers and the men with him started to run. A chase ensued and the officer and Myers got into a physical confrontation. After Myers pulled away, Dotson said, he went up a hill and started shooting at the officer.

One of the family’s attorney is making an argument that if he was shooting at the officer, how was he shot from behind:

The evidence shows that the story we’ve been given by the Police Department does not match up

The officer’s lawyer Brian Millikan stated:

“Police Chief Sam Dotson has said Myers fired three shots before his gun jammed.

Millikan (former St. Louis Police officer) said Myers was shot in the back of the legs while lying on his side with a gun in his hand.”

Wouldn’t the forensic pathologist be able to see if the bullets were shot from an angle versus straight ahead?

Missouri State Highway lab found evidence of gun power on Myers hands, waistband and shirt.

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