Black HS Football Player Possibly Lynched, Cops Say Suicide & Ignore Evidence

Why has this story not made headline news in CNN, MSNBC or FOX News? How I found this story you ask? From Instagram.

It starts in North Carolina, where a African-American teen Lennon Lacy, 17, was found dead, hanging from a swing set bar in a park that’s right in the middle of a white populated mobile home park in Bladenboro North Carolina August 29. According to The Guardian, police confirmed suicide very quickly and autopsy examiners state it could of been from depression over his great uncle’s death whose funeral was a few days prior to Lacy’s death.

Lacy’s family said this is beyond true. Lenny was not depressed, the family in fact claims that Lenny was relieved that his uncle wasn’t suffering anymore from the long illness. Also Lenny, who was training for months for football, was excited and on his way to play in the first home game for his high school, West Bladen Knights. They also argue that how can an autopsy confirm depression. Pierce Lacy, Lenny’s brother, says the depression statement in the examiners report was a “red flag” and not factual. Medical examiners and police have not confirmed how Lenny managed to kill himself on that swing set. Pierce argues “If my brother wanted to take his own life, I can’t understand why he would do it in such an exposed place. This feels more like he was put here as a public display – a taunting almost”.

Now this is where it gets very interesting. When they released the list of what Lenny was wearing at the time of his death, they mentioned shoes that were not his. That day, Lenny was wearing a pair of Jordans according to his family. The Jordans were not on his feet or neat him, yet the shoes that were on his feet were a size 10.5 and he’s a size 12. The family says the shoes are obviously not his. The Jordans have yet to be found.

Lacy’s family also find it interesting how facial marks and bumps on his face were not on the examiners statement. The Lacy family’s lawyer reports the funeral director confirmed there was a contusion on the right part of Lenny’s forehead that several people saw.

Police didn’t take any swabs or DNA samples as a normal investigation would proceed yet an toxicology test was done.

What also makes this “suicide claim” interesting is that a few days after Lenny’s funeral, his grave site was descreated. cave1Someone or a group of people threw the flowers from his site in the road and dug a hole in the corner of his site according to reports.

What is causing controversy in this small town in Carolina is that Lenny was dating an older white woman, Michelle Brimhall, which was highly disliked in this town according to Reverend William Barber in an interview with ESSENCE. Brimhall told The Guardian:

“No, Lennon did not kill himself. He loved his mother so much, he would never put her through that.”

“I want to know who did it. I want them to suffer.”

Lawyer Heather Rattelade told The Guardian:

“that at 3.08pm on the day of Lacy’s death – possibly just nine hours after his body was discovered at the swing set – the lead investigator told the medical examiner that the police believed they were dealing with a suicide. Yet they had failed to meet “even the minimum standards for crime scenes. I cannot tell you why minimum protocols were not followed, but that is a large part of the reason why we have been compelled to ask the department of justice and the FBI to carry out its own investigation into what happened to Lennon Lacy.”

This town has had its history of lynching. This town is 80% white, 18% black.

Many, as I do myself, believe that this teen was lynched. NAACP are in full force to get this case investigated and a separate autopsy as the Lenny’s family is considering to exhume is body.

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