Cowboys Coach Said Cowboys Didn’t Lose Because of The Reversed Call

Dallas Cowboys fans are livid right now and still haven’t released all that anger from the 1pm EST game where receiver Dez Bryant caught a crucial pass on a 4th down that would have won the game for the Cowboys against the favored Green Bay Packers.

The call was reversed as they claim Bryant did not have possession of the ball throughout as the ball pops out of his hand when he hits the ground but Bryant regains control in the end zone. When Bryant caught the ball in the air, he did have both feet down and inbounds. Many of us NFL fans have seen this play many of times and majority of the time, referees call it a complete catch.

Many non-Cowboy fans state this is karma from the controversial call when referees called pass interference on the Cowboys and then reversed it. The call would of given Detroit Lions great position to score to take the lead in the game.

Fans are taking it to social media that the reversed call today made Cowboys lose. Coach Jason Garrett disagrees.

“But let me make it really clear: This game wasn’t about the officiating. We had 60 minutes. We had an opportunity to come up here and win a football game, and at the end of the day we didn’t get that job done. That play was big in the game, but there were other plays in the game and unfortunately we didn’t do the things necessary to win the ballgame.”

Cowboys were saying that one controversial call last week against the Lions shouldn’t be the reason why Cowboys won and Lions lost. Funny how its different now.

Karma at its finest.

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