Prosecution Claims Missing Jordans Link Aaron Hernandez To Odin Lloyd’s Murder

Aaron Hernandez
The murder case against former NFL tightend Aaron Hernandez has started and the prosecution has brought up another key item that’s missing.

Many believe it will be hard for the prosecution to convict Hernandez of murder when the murder weapon has yet to be found, therefore you cannot pin it on him or any of the three suspects. Adding on to the missing items are Hernandez’ Jordans Retros. Prosecution believe Hernandez got rid of the Jordans that he wore the night Odin Lloyd was shot dead. The connection is that there was a shoe print (by an Air Jordan) near the body of Lloyd. However, prosecution have not found the matching shoe to the print.

When it comes to why they didn’t seize the Jordan’s during the arrest, according to a CNN report:

Investigators photographed a pair of Nike Air Jordan XI Retro Low brand sneakers during one of their first searches of Hernandez’s home, according to court papers, but did not take them in as evidence.

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