The Dream Speaks How Lil Wayne Did Him Dirty Dating His Ex Wife Christina Milian *VIDEO*

There hasn’t been too many positive thoughts on Christina Milian dating Lil Wayne as they have mutual ex’s. The Dream finally spoke about the situation and how he dislikes how Lil Wayne started dating his ex-wife and it was all discussed beforehand on a phone call. Dream told Breakfast CLub on Power 105.

“We had one conversation. We don’t have conversations about having the same taste. I didn’t say ‘why’ anything. I don’t ask people why they do [certain things]. Everybody is grown. Do whatever you want to do. I don’t laugh about it. It just is what it is.

He put in a phone call to me. Just being a gentleman. I wouldn’t do that to him [but] we’re two different personalities.”

Lets not forget singer Nivea has kids by both of these artist, Wayne and Dream. She states she doesn’t “condone this”.


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