Aaron Hernandez Trial: Marijuana Blunt Found At Crime Scene Has Hernandez’s DNA

Following this Aaron Hernandez trial, we can all agree that the ONLY thing that is saving the former NFL tight end is that the murder weapon as not been found. Three men, including Hernandez, have been arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd who was shot dead in 2013.

Even though all three are suspects and one snitching on the other, prosecution cannot prove who shot Lloyd. Can’t even prove any of them had anything to do with the shooting.

However, prosecution had found a marijuana blunt at the crime scene that has Hernandez’s DNA according to Sports Illustrated. Diane Fife Biagiotti, forensics expert at the Massachusetts State Police crime lab, says Hernandez’s DNA was found in it and possibly Lloyd’s as well which put Hernandez’s at the crime scene. It still does not prove Hernandez shot Lloyd or participated in the shooting.

It can still be a problem for Hernandez due to ‘joint venure’. Joint venture is where a defendant can be convicted of murder if they contributed to the crime or share the intent. As in juror’s don’t have to believe Hernandez shot Lloyd to convict him of murder but if they believe he participated in the crime, that’s enough to convict according to Massachusetts’s state laws.

Both Lloyd and Hernandez according to SI, smoked marijuana together on a regular basis so the finding of the blunt would not be out of the ordinary. They claim Lloyd was Hernandez’s “blunt master”.

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