Analysis: Top Quarterbacks in Free Agency

They say that the worst position to be in free agency is quarterback as the backup spot is set and other teams may look into the NFL draft for youth and a different approach that the vets in free agency can’t produce.

The list of the free QBs:

Michael Vick
Jake Locker
Brian Hoyer
Mark Sanchez
Ryan Mallett
Matt Moore
Tarvaris Jackson
Colt McCoy
Shaun Hill
Christian Ponder
Jason Campbell
Jimmy Clausen
Scott Tolzien
Blaine Gabbert
Matt Flynn
Tyrod Taylor

Some words on some of these quarterbacks.

We can sit here and make fun of Mark Sanchez’ butt fumble and horrific last few seasons with the NY Jets but we must look at what he did when he unexpectedly started for the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, he made mistakes like every quarterback does in the NFL, but when he started those 8 games, he had 2,418 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, 1 rushing touchdown and 11 interceptions. He had more touchdowns in those 8 games than he did all 2012 season (2013 he was injured and benched). His QB rating was 88.5, his career-best. His completion rate was 64.1 which is his career high and he was averaging 268 yards per game which is 50 more yards than his highest average YPG (2011). Granted, maybe the stats would of been different if he played a whole season but you could see the difference in his footwork, throwing and somewhat decision making. Lets not forget to thank the Eagles line.

I still see Michael Vick playing with a team, may not be the NY Jets as they have a new head coach. However, it seems everyone is expecting Vick to have a blowout season like he had several season with the Atlanta Falcons. But football fans must understand is that that Michael Vick is no more. Yes he can run, yes he can throw, but not like he could where he was unstoppable. Injuries, off the field situations did cause the issue but I still believe Vick can be an asset.

There is a rumor that the Eagles are going after Jake Locker and that’s fine if the kid can play a whole SEASON. Locker has only been able to play 11 games in one season and that was in 2012. We have yet to see what Locker can really do because of injuries.

Poor Brian Hoyer! Hoyer had probably the most pressure than any other quarterback this season as superstar Johnny Manziel was right behind him. Any little mistake Hoyer did was jotted down and that can cause you to rise or fall. Towards the end of the season, it failed as the Browns were close to making the NFL playoffs. Hoyer played 14 games last season with a 76.5 QB rating. The year before, Browns fans fell in love quick with Hoyer as he started only 3 games, won those games in a row (3 out of the 4 won the entire 2013 season) but then tore his ACL against the Bills where their quarterback EJ Manuel also went out with injury. Then Manziel is drafted and everyone forgets about that special moment with Hoyer.

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