Aaron Hernandez Trial: Gun Expert Says Object In Hernandez’s Hand In Surveillance Is Missing Murder Weapon

Always remember this: It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. Great quote from actor Denzel Washington in ‘Training Day’ as he speaks about how you can accuse anyone but it doesn’t work without proof.

That goes for Aaron Hernandez’s trial as we all know the biggest factor in this case is that the murder weapon has not been found.

According to SI’s Michael McCann, Bristol County prosecution brought in a Glock Inc district manager Kyle Aspinwall as a gun expert to convince the jury that the object in Hernadnez’s hand in surveillance footage is in fact the missing weapon, the .45 caliber Glock.

Aspinwall, who is also a former New Hampshire police officer and former chief of the Mont Vernon Police Department, studied the footage that was legally seized from Hernandez’s home as he is shown with the other two suspects Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz about 10-to-15 minutes after Odin Lloyd’s death (timestamp on footage proves this). There is a black object in Hernandez’s right ahnd and Aspinwall states “the firearm shown in the video still is a Glock pistol”.

To prove his point, he used an actual Glock to show the comparison. In addition to, he spoke a lot about the specifics of Glocks, “in regards to the curvature of a Glock’s back strap and other distinctive attributes found in a Glock’s magazine well, front strap and trigger guard” and that you can’t mistake a Glock with any other type of guns.

According to SI, this is the most damaging to Hernandez’s case but his defense fought back.

Hernandez’ attorney James Sultan claims that Aspinwall is a salesmen with a great opinion but not an expert. The judge argued as Aspinwall has years of police experience. However Sultan came back with the fact that there are over 42 different type of Glocks and dozens that shoot .45 caliber ammunition so how can Aspinwall be so sure that image is the .45 caliber murder weapon? Hernandez may be holding a Glock but it does not prove that the Glock is the one that killed Lloyd the defense team is arguing. Jurors also learned from Sultan “that Glock has filed an intellectual property lawsuit against the makers of a soft pellet gun that, in Glock’s view, too closely resembles a Glock pistol”.

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