FBI Forensic Unit Admits Flawed Testimony For Trials, Even Death Penalty Cases For Decades

Some of those flawed testimonies have put people on death row. According to Washington Post, the FBI have flawed testimonies for decades.

Reports state the out of 268 trials, 257 had flawed forensic testimony against the defendant and out of those 32 were death penalty cases, 14 of those defendants have been executed or died in prison. That’s 95% of cases according to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the Innocence Project. Of course not every case has been investigated.

Post reported:

The FBI errors alone do not mean there was not other evidence of a convict’s guilt. Defendants and federal and state prosecutors in 46 states and the District are being notified to determine whether there are grounds for appeals. Four defendants were previously exonerated.

We have seen so many prisoners exonerated due to new evidence proving their innocence. I wonder how many wrongly convicted prisoners are out there.

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