Ray Rice Still Unemployed While Greg Hardy, AP Get Ready for 2015 Season

Last years NFL season was full of chaos off field as star athletes were arrested for assaults. Ravens’ Ray Rice hitting his fiancée. Vikings Adrian Peterson disciplining his son. Greg Hardy brutally beating his girlfriend. After all of that, only two of the three will be playing on an NFL team: Hardy and Peterson.

How come Rice hasn’t been signed? Out of these three, Rice is the only one that was caught on camera (AP’s son picture was in the media). Rice assaulted his fiancée in the elevator which has cameras. When the NFL and fans first heard of the assault, majority were disappointed in Rice. Once the video was exposed, everyone was furious. Seeing the physical hit versus imagining how the hit was, you’re going to get a different reaction. You see the incident in action which caused the shift that put Roger Goodell in the hot spot for quiet some time.

Jacksonville.com states that Rice is talking to teams, but no one is listening. Despite the assault, Rice’s performance did decline and a running back’s life span is not long in the NFL. Ricr averaged 3.1 yards per carry, 600 yards total in the 2013.

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