“He Gave Me No Choice” Officer Says Who Killed 12 Year Old Tamir Rice


12 year old Tamir Rice was shot dead by a Cleveland officer in November. The footage if the shooting shows the officer shooting Rice within seconds of pulling up on him in the police car.

Dispatch informed the officers, prior to the deadly shooting, that a caller claimed that there was a person with a gun at a Cudell Recreation Center on Nov 22. The caller also mentioned it could of been a toy as the person looked like a kid but dispatch forgot to mention this.

Rice had a BB gun.

The officer, Timothy Loehmann, has been indicted and said to an officer after the shooting, according to USA TODAY, he had no choice:
“He gave me no choice. He reached for the gun and there was nothing I could do”.

The public became outraged when the footage was released as it seems the officer didn’t give Rice a chance to freeze or say the gun was fake. The officer claims Rice reached for it as they pulled up. The footage has no audio so we cannot confirm if the officer said anything to Rice before the shots were fired.

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