Officer’s Story On Shooting Unarmed FAMU Player To Death Doesn’t Match Dash Cam, Verdict Soon *VIDEO*


The South Carolina cop had different stories of the event that the dash cam proved were lies.

In 2013, Jonathan Ferrell was seeking help after he wrecked his car in Charlotte. Ferrell saw the cops approach him in their cars after he banged on a woman’s door for help. As he ran to them, Officer Randall Kerrick shot 10 bullets at Ferrell. Kerrick’s story was that Ferrell became aggressive, banging on his thighs and taunted him yelling “shoot me” according to CNN. This was said before the dash cam was released because as you will see in the video (below), no such thing happened.  He also said, according to NBC News, that Kerrick feared his life as Ferrell was going to take his gun.

Prosecutors claim the reason why Ferrell ran like that with the light in his eyes is that he did see an officer with a taste pointed at him from the other direction.

In the dash cam, you will also notice a pause after the 4th shot and then more shots.

Jury will have their decision on the manslaughter charge where if found guilty, will serve three to eleven years.

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