Tony Romo’s Thoughts On Cowboys Plan To Pick Quarterback In The 2016 Draft


Tony Romo was once the most hated Dallas Cowboy player a few years ago. How times have changed once the Cowboys started winning.

Then Romo gets injured and fans were actually  praying Romo to come back as soon as possible but the Cowboys are missing the playoffs with a 4-12 record. The backup quarterbacks the Cowboys have, that being Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassell and Kellen Moore,  are 1-11 combined.

Cowboys have the 4th pick and according to the NFL, they might pick a quarterback. Cowboys haven’t drafted a quarterback since 2009. 

Romo is not upset with the thought that this might be true. Romo told ESPN:

“If the best player there is a quarterback, then that’s what our team needs. Our team needs good players.

I’m just obviously a player on the football team and I don’t have to make those decisions and I’m glad. My jobs is go out and get better and make sure this team wins next year. And I’m going to everything in my power to ensure that”.

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