Hall of Famer Says Chip Kelly Good Pick For Colin Kaepernick

Some fans weren’t too pleased when the San Francisco 49ers picked Chip Kelly over Mike Shanahan, who has won super bowls. Fans are still holding a grudge of the released of coach Jim Harbaugh.

Hall of Famer wide receiver says it’s a good move, especially for quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was benched after receiving a nice contract. Jerry Rice told CSN Bay:

“I think with Chip Kelly, it brought life to Colin Kaepernick. You look at Chip Kelly and what he was trying to implement in Philadelphia — with (Mark) Sanchez, (Nick) Foles, and (Sam) Bradford — those guys were more like pocket passers.

Now you got that read-option with Colin Kaepernick, a guy that can get outside the pocket and a guy that can extend plays, and he’s also gonna be a threat to run.

It could be a good marriage for them.”

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