Is It True? Leonardo DiCaprio Using French Law To Stop “Kissing Rihanna” Pics From Being Published


Famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio and singer Rihanna were rumored to be an item but DiCaprio denied it several times and close friends stated Rihanna was a just a good friend to DiCaprio and his friend who is a club owner.

Well, the rumors might be true. Pictures were taken at a Paris club, L’Arc, and it was pictures of Rihanna and Leo kissing according to Daily Mail and Independent News. An agency was going to publish them but good thing they were in Paris. Leo is uding a Frenh privacy law that prevents the pictures to be published.

A witnesss told The Sun they were hot and heavy in the club. Another source told TMZ that the pictures had a bad angle making it look like they were making out.

The two happened to be out in Paris as Leo is promoting his new film The Revenant and Rihanna is filming Valerian.

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