Michael B. Jordan Has Actor In Mind To Play Villain In ‘Creed 2’

First and foremost, lets thank the directors, producers and studio for making another ‘Creed’ as that movie was one of the best in 2015 (of course my opinion).

Actor Michael B. Jordan is excited for the sequel and told BBC Radio he would like a villain and had a actor in mind.

“[I’d want to] have a true villain. I don’t think ‘Creed’ had a true villain — I think Adonis was in a fight with himself most of the time. Ivan Drago, something like that.”

Tom Hardy’s pretty badass. “Just saying — that would be nice.”

Hardy spoke about his villain roles as he had his most recent villain role in ‘The Revenant’ with Leonardo DiCaprio:

“There’s got to be something likable about whoever I’m playing. If I’m going to play an armchair defense lawyer for the benefit of play-acting a character, it’s my job to support every single one of his attributes and find a mitigating circumstance or reason for he or she to do whatever they’re doing and justify that in an environment which is artistic and creative. So it’s never a question of, ‘Is this a bad or evil guy?’ Because I find things much more fascinating when they’re gray.”

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