Miami Heat Co-Owner Says Lebron Got Blatt Fired, Wanted Erik Spoelstra Fired, Stardom Advantage

Miami Heat co-owner Raanan Katz was being interviewd on 102FM and made some comments on former player Lebron James. Especially after the firing of Cleveland head coach David Blatt because supposedly James wanted Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra fired:

“With the Miami Heat, LeBron James—before and after his four seasons when his contract was up with the team—made it clear that he wanted to dump head coach Erik Spoelstra. At one point, [Heat president] Pat Riley calledimages LeBron into his office said that no one will tell him how to run the organization. Riley told James that Spoelstra is his guy and that firing Spoelstra is out of the question. That was the main reason LeBron returned to Cleveland.”

Many argue, according to Bleachers Report, that Katz allegations are wrong as he lost “connection” with the decision-making in the front office.

Katz went on in the interview about his Blatt’s firing:

“I spoke to David Blatt while he was here in Miami when the Heat played the Cleveland Cavaliers. He didn’t see it coming, but I could tell the situation wasn’t 100 percent working. I thought LeBron James had enough brains to make it work, though.

David Blatt’s main problem was LeBron’s attitude. I sat court-side during all the games Cleveland played in Miami, I was a few feet away from the Cavaliers’ bench, and I heard everything. There was no dialogue between Blatt and LeBron. Blatt would talk to Timofey Mozgov and the other guys. LeBron takes advantage of being an NBA superstar, and he needs to realize that it won’t work. Everyone saw how the Golden State Warriors beat LeBron and the Cavaliers a week ago. He has to understand that to win, the entire team has to be in sync.”

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