Cleveland City Employee Posts Comment That Tamir Rice Deserved To Die

A Cleveland’s Emergency Medical Service’s supervisor posted on Facebook that a 12-year old bou should have been shot by the Cleveland police.

According to Cleveland’s FOX 8 TV station, Jamie Marquardt posted these comments:

Tamir Rice should have been shot and I am glad he is dead

I am upset I did not get the chance to kill the little criminal

Macquadt tells NY Daily News he did not write the comments, that someone who picked up his phone did. He has been fired.

“I presented evidence to the city of Cleveland that I did not do it. They fired me simply because it was on the news. They have no evidence I did this.”

2 thoughts on “Cleveland City Employee Posts Comment That Tamir Rice Deserved To Die

  1. thats stupid, shannon, tamir was killed by a loser parent who was so preoccupied by what??? tv smoking crack or was she looking for a job. We are tired of not holding black people accountable for the behavior of their kids……letting a kid go to a public park with a gun and aiming at people….

    just like trayvon daddy was more interested in getting LAID than grounding his son and having a man to man talk about how he almost got arrested for stolen items….. yes trayvon should have been in jail and never would have been in sanford FL to meet Zimmerman… your homework…ok?

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