Broncos Considering Injury Prone Quarterback

Some would say anything beats Mark Sanchez.

ESPN’s JEff Legwold disclosed that even though Reobert Griffin III had a great visit in Cleveland and New York, there is another team considering him.

Super Bowl Champs, the Denver Broncos, have brought up the quarterback’s name several times according to Legwold. Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak told Legwold:

“[Griffin] is one of the free guys out there.

He’s obviously been part of the conversation. We’ll see what happens; he’s a talented young man.

He’s very athletic, moves around … another player who’s played in some big games.

Obviously he hasn’t played much in the last year and a half … but he’s still young, very young kid, all those things he’s got working for him.”

RG3 hasn’t played a full season since 2012 and hasn’t played at all since 2014 due to injuries.

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