McDonalds New Strategy Causes Big Rise In Sales

I know, as a McDonald consumer, that I’ve always complained about how the breakfast stopped at 10:30am and it should at least be served until noon. I obviously wasn’t the only one with that same mindset and it seems McDonalds got a hold of the recommendation.

McDonalds ‘All Day Breakfast’ was a gift to their consumers and the company’s pockets. According to CNN Money, sales went up in the US 5.4% and 6.2% worldwide. McDonals shares are up 7% this year.

Soruces also stated the new McpIck 2 was a benefit to the boost in numbers as well.

The new CEO Steve Easterbrook wanted to make a change with deals, customized burgers and healthier food, including kale. Shares are up 50% since his promotion to CEO.

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