Norwalk, Trumbull, Danbury & Other Connecticut Police Departments Flagged For Racial Profiling

An interesting report was published by Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project and they came up with some interesting numbers in regards to ethic minorities stopped by police and the percentage of the population. They examined 600,000 traffic stops across Connecticut. Newstimes confirm “the report is based on a year’s worth of traffic-stop data submitted by police departments between 2014 and 2015. The report marks the second full analysis of state data”.

Newstimes published the report and several police departments have been flagged for possible racial profiling. Trumbull, for example, has been flagged as reports show that minority drivers have been stopped 38% of the time bu tthey represent only 10% of Trumbull.

Norwalk also flagged as 42% of traffic stops involve minorities and only 37% of Norwalk is Blacks and Hispanics: “statistically significant racial or ethnic disparity that may indicate the presence of racial and ethnic bias”. Connecticut’s undersecretary for criminal justice says it good evidence but not enough to punish the police departments flagged in the state.

Danbury led the state with 76% when it came to tickets issued after a traffic stop amongst minorities. Hartford, a city bigger than Danbury, was second with 73%.

Research done by Ken Barone.


3 thoughts on “Norwalk, Trumbull, Danbury & Other Connecticut Police Departments Flagged For Racial Profiling

  1. The majority of Danbury’s population is made up of minorities! Most of the local businesses there won’t hire you unless you speak Portuguese or Spanish as a second if not first language. I agree with what their Mayor said on Facebook regarding its police department simply doing its job. This has nothing to do with racial profiling.

  2. So true it’s sad I was issued a ticket at a police parking lot stop to get directions ended up my car being illegally towed all the way up in Canaan ct, I had a norwalk cop leave his job site to issue me a ticket and illegally tow my car as well he was signaling traffic on a busy road with a hole in the ground all to stop me because I drive all an audi smh I don’t sale drugs I work like the rest of you!

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