Black NY Teen Dies After Being Chased By A Racist Group Waving Gun, Yelling Racial Slurs

NY Daily News reported that 16-year old Dayshen McKenzie, from Staten Island, has died after being chased by a racist group threatening to kill him. No arrest have been made.

According to reports, the mostly white crew waved a gun, called him a racial slur and chased the teen down until he collapsed. He died from an asthma attack. Ex-NYPD and 9/11 responder, Diane Fatigati, rushed to help McKenzie and stated, “They were chasing him — that’s a crime. You’re hunting them because they’re black … You’re calling them a n—-r”.

Fatigati states that deadly incident happened last week occurred due to a beef between McKenzie’s friend and the other group over a girl. One of the member sof the group yelled “I’m going to shoot you, n—-r” and McKenzie and his group ran. The group chasing McKenzie were white men and one Hispanic.

NY Daily News reported, “A police source said McKenzie’s pals didn’t mention the racial slur when cops interviewed them after the teen died. Hate crimes investigators are expected to interview the witnesses again after the Daily News inquired about the case”.

Fatigati says its murder.

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