Disney Knew Lagoon Had Alligators But Ignored It Due to Rich Visitors


Disney has sent out construction workers to several areas and are posting up fences after a two-year old was killed by an alligator Tuesday.

Signs on the fences, “Danger. Alligators and snakes in area. Stay away from the water. Do not feed the wildlife.”

This was known though as the resort, Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, was sued in the 80s for a alligator attack on a child according to NY Post. They lacked warning except “no swimming” signs.

NY Post has reports that they ignored the alligator problem because of the rich:

“..recent report charged that Disney World was warned about the alligator problem in the Seven Seas Lagoon but that it overlooked it because high-paying guests enjoyed feeding the creatures.”

Five alligators have been removed from the area, unsure if one of those are the child’s killer.

The boy, Lane Graves, died from traumatic injuries and drowning. His father, former high school wrestling champ,  tried to rescue and fight the alligator off his son.

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