Owner of Iconic Pizzeria, Involved With The Mafia, Shot Dead

Louis Barbati, co owner of the iconic pizzeria L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn NY, was shot dead outside his house as he had a bag of $10,000 according to the NY Post.

He was shot five times in the back, arm and leg by a gunman on 12th Avenue in Dyker Heights. His wife ran outside to him when she heard him yelling for help. She thought at first the gunshots were firecrackers. The suspect is described as a white male in his 30s.

She explained the money to the police as he brings home a large sum of cash home six times a year.

The pizzeria was once at the center of a Mafia extortion plot over a stolen recipe according to reports. NY Daily News reported:
Frank Guerra, a reputed Columbo crime family associate whose ex-wife was a part owner of the pizzeria, was acquitted of a double murder of former underboss Joseph Scopo and Staten Island club owner Michael Devine, as well as extortion of a former Spumoni employee — who he accused of lifting L&B’s secret sauce recipe. Guerra is currently serving time for dealing Oxycontin.


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