NFL Players React To Kevin Durant’s Move

Some NFL players went to Twitter reacting to Kevin Durant’s move. For the past few days, most NFL players were reacting to the money these guys get compared to theirs.

Here are some tweets on Durant’s move:

Derek Carr (@derekcarrqb):
Way to bring the 4 of July in KD lol

Never forget, sounds good until you really want that ring

Menelik Watson (@MenelikWatson):
It’s unreal to see the hate the guy gets for making a decision that he earned? All because HE didn’t do what YOU wanted him to do? Crazy…

Mark Ingram (@MarkIngram22):
Happy for Durant and excited to see Westbrook emerge as the best player in the league

Tre Boston (@TreBos10):
The death lineup : I’m Done Watching Basketball


Allen Hursn (@A1hurns):
Is there any room for one more on the Warriors bandwagon? #sheesh!

Ereck Flowers (@Eflow_74):
No one not allowed to play with GS on 2k

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