Father-in-law of The Baton Rouge Cop In The Shooting Says Black People Use Tragedies For Promotion

James Durdin, father-in-law of officer Blane Salamoni, tells NY daily News that black people use these tragedies to promote their “agenda”.

“It burns my you-know-what when it’s – usually the black people – that try to make an agenda out of this.

What I’d like to see is them with no police at all, so they can know what it’s like not to have them… The majority of (cops) would never be abusive. Does anyone give a you-know-what about that? We’ll have social chaos (without cops).”

36-year old Alton Sterling was shot and killed by Baton Rouge officer as they claimed he had a gun. Video footage shows otherwise and it’s legal to possess a gun in Louisiana.

Durdin is against the protestors and believe his son-in-law is well-trained and what he did was from that.

“..a dirty shame that things like this end up in the news, ‘cause there’s something going around the country and it’s anti-police.”


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