Verizon Under Investigation After Several Complaints On Extreme Data Charges

MSN Money reports that FCC will begin investigating Verizon after several stories caught their attention in regards to data charges from Verizon. Some customers were charged hundreds, even thousands more on top of their bill.

Teresa Murray told the ‘Cleveland Plain Dealer’ that there were charges of data use at a time her and her family are asleep. Other Verizon users stated they were charged for data but had a flip phone that doesn’t have access to the internet and a widow who answers his cell phone to settle his affairs saw data charges as well after her husband has been deceased for about a year.

MSN reports:

The capper came from a Tampa mother, Valarie Gerbus, whose data usage suddenly surged from less than 4GB one month to 569GB the next, resulting in $8,535 in data charges. Verizon charged her an extra $600 when she decided to cancel her plan.


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