Richard Sherman Fined But Referees Are Cleared For Hit On Bills’ Kicker

Why is that?

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was fined a little over $9,000 for a hit on Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter last Monday. However, the officiating crew supposedly will not be disciplined according to ESPN reports:

The crew members will, however, be evaluated under the standard process that holds them accountable for every call in each game, those they make and those they do not. Grades accumulate throughout season and top-rated officials receive postseason assignments. Officials who perform below standard are let go if they don’t show improvement.

So Sherman gets fined and the referees get to walk away for a blown call? It wasn’t those calls that can go either way. Sherman aimed for the kickers knee right in front of the referee and replayed on the screens in the stadium.

How does a player, who is actually going for the ball during a kick, who taps the kicker gets the call? Or when the kicker flops? But let’s just ignore the intentional hit so the Seahawks can win and not give Bills an opportunity to win and get ready for the following game against the Patriots..who the Seahawks beat Sunday night.

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