Foster Parents Kick Out Kids After Getting Mansion From “Extreme Makeover: House Edition” Show

NY Post reports that five foster kids have been kicked out of their North Carolina home after their foster parents got the home made over on the “Extreme Makeover: House Edition” show.

Producers had the family on the show when they found out about the seven kids (five adopted) and nonprofit organization called ‘House of Hope’.

Producers ended up building them a House of Hope store and also renovated their small family home into a 3,900-square-foot, eight-bedroom mansion. They even footed the bill for thousands of dollars’ worth of donated items for their charity — including Sears gift cards. – NY Post

Chris, one of the adopted kids, said a few months after, they had to leave. The five were even sent to separate group homes. He also states that the Sears gift cards given to them were used on themselves and not the kids.2015-nfl-schedule-football

The foster parents claimed the foster kids wanted to leave and that the gift cards were used to buy 200 pairs of sneakers for a church.

Chris says back in 2015, the foster parents tried to get them back once they messed up. “They went to court trying to get us all back, but I think it was about the money, too,” Chris told WSOC.

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