Celebrity Jeweler’s Son Suspect In Stabbing Death of Connecticut Man


Joseph Comunale, 26, of Stamford Connecticut was found dead in New Jersey in a shallow grave aaccording to reports. Comunale was last seen at a luxury apartment in NYC attending a party. NYPD has footage of Comunale entering Grand Sutton on East 59th Street Sunday in Manhattan but he never left. The police spent several hours in the forth-floor apartment and recovered several items with blood including towels, plastic bags.

Comunale was stabbed 15 times and there was effort to burn his body as gasoline was found in the grave.

2 men have been arrested in connection with his death, Lawrence Dillone of Jersey City and James Rackover of NYC. Rackover is the son of celebrity jeweler Jeffrey Rackover. He provides jewelry for celebrities like Oprah, J.Lo, Melania Trump and more.

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