Michigan Fighting Judge’s Order To Provide Flint Residents Clean Bottled Water As Crisis Continues


Many forgot about Flint Michigan’s water crisis or many believed it was fixed. The problem continues and a U.S. District Judge has order clean bottled water to be delivered to Flint Michigan residents. However, the state of Michigan is fighting the order.

To refresh your memory, the danger began in 2014 when Flint stopped drawing water from Detroit and started drawing water from Flint River. Residents started complaining about the smell of the water, taste and appearance and it was causing health problems. Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality initially rejected any statements on health issues and said there were none. The city failed to treat the water with chemicals to prevent corrosion and it allowed lead into the water. Then the State and federal regulators confirmed dangerous levels of lead and levels in children’s blood had dramatically increased in the city,

Judge David Lawson ordered four cases of bottled water to be delivered to residents who continue to have water issues. Michigan is fighting this order:

The state’s motion says it would cost at least $10.5 million monthly to deliver the estimated 400,000 cases of water each week, and warns that using Flint relief money for water delivery could defund other efforts like nutritional assistance programs for kids. 

The state argues that 90 percent of houses and most apartments have water filters installed, bottled water is available at pickup locations throughout the city and responders already have a system to deliver water to residents who can’t pick it up on their own.- Huffington Post

Judge Lawson argues that they do not need to deliver water to households that have been verified. However there are testimonies from Flint residents who haven’t been able to get clean water despite efforts from the state. It also concerns Judge Lawson that filters may not be installed correctly.

Pastor Allen Overton with the Concerned Pastors for Social Action criticizes the motion by the state and Governor Snyder who pledged to fix the water:

“What happened to Governor Snyder’s pledge that he would work to fix Flint’s drinking water crisis? This action today inflicts more harm on a city that’s already hurting”

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