RG3 Divorcing Wife For Instagram College Student

Robert Griffin III, who is currently going through a divorce, was robbed at the Cleveland Browns game. Him and his girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, raged on social network that money was stolen from their car that was parked in the players garage according to NY Post reports.

RG3 went on to say:

Ain’t about why we left wallets in the car we parked in PLAYERS AND FAMILY PARKING GARAGE! I should be able to leave anything I want there

The quarterback only played in the season opener and has recently started to practice again after his shoulder injury.

He started dating the FSU student after their photos were exposed on TMZ. Him and his wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, married in 2013, had a daughter in 2015 and been separated for several months according to NY Post. It’s rumored he met his girlfriend on Instagram.

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