Chris Brown Says His Comments on Karrueche’s Pictures Is To Help Her Be Relevant, Not To Get Her Back

Chris Brown made comments on ex-girlfriend Karrueche’s Instagram pictures and the “Chrae” fans started to go crazy as some want the two to rekindle while others do not.

Rapper Soulja Boy got involved by making a comment on Karrueche’s picture and supposedly Chris Brown called him threatening him to stay away.

Chris Brown made a statement on Instagram as the beef continues between him and Soulja:

“This is the funniest sh*t ever, seriously now… This ni**a has an imaginary beef then act like I called him!!! NEVER HAPPENED! Let me let the cat out the bag for all the readers..I commented on her pics for the this fact only: SO THAT NOT MATTER HOW STUPID I LOOKED, SHE WOULD FEEL POPPIN. I HAVE THE MEANS AND CONNECTIONS TO CONTACT HER. Y’all soaked it up. I LOVE IT. #stayclassy

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