McDonald’s, Comcast & Others Ranked Top Most Hated Companies In America

The report is based off of surveys from a number of sources including ACSI and Zogby Analytics poll created in “partnership with 24/7 Wall St”. These are the top 12 most companies in the US:

12. Charter Communications
11. Wal-Mart
10. Sprint
9. Sears
8. DISH Network
7. Spirit
6. Facebook
5. Wells Fargo
4. McDonald’s.
3. Mylan. For 2016, they had a big hike in prices for live-saving drugs.
2. Bank of America. 44% of the customers who did the surveys had bad feedback about their experience, for both debit and credit card operations.
1. Comcast. They have the worst customer service score than any other industry average.

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