Cleveland Officers Involved In Tamir Rice Shooting Facing Other Charges

The three Cleveland officers that were involved in the deadly shooting of an unarmed black kid are facing administrative charges according to The New York Times.

Tamir Rice, 12, was shot dead by Officer timothy Loehmann on November 22 2014. He was playing with a toy pellet gun in a park when someone called 911 to report him. The caller did state it may be a fake gun and he looks like a kid. That information was not relayed to responding officers. When officers made it to the “suspect” he was shot within 2 seconds as seen on tape. None of the officers were charged with his death. The Rice family was rewarded $6M by the city.

Calvin Williams, the police chief, said at a news conference that hearings will begin at the end of this month for the officers for possible violation of department rules, orders, regulations and tactics.

The New York Times reports the charges:

Officer Loehmann faces administrative charges related to alleged omissions on his job application, which did not disclose that he would have been fired from his previous job at the Independence, Ohio, Police Department but that he had been allowed to resign instead. He also did not disclose that while he worked there he failed to secure his weapon and was insubordinate and untruthful to a superior officer, records show. The Independence Police Department concluded that he had “an inability to emotionally function,” that he could not follow simple directions and that he had had an emotional breakdown.

Officer Garmback faces charges that he did not follow proper tactics when he drove his patrol car to what was reported to be an armed suspect and that he did not tell the dispatcher his arrival time when he got to the scene.

A third officer, William Cunningham, was working at a second job at the Cudell Recreation Center, where the shooting happened, without permission, according to the charges. He also “completed, signed and submitted an untruthful” report as part of the investigation into the use of deadly force. The charges did not specify how the report was untruthful, and a department spokeswoman was unavailable to comment.

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