Knoxville Cheerleader Stalked & Shot Dead By NCAA Football Player

Emma Walker, 16, was killed when she was fatally shot through a wall at her family’s home in Knoxville Tennessee. William Gaul, Maryville College football receiver, has been arrested for the murder according to YAHOO News.

Gaul, 18, was stalking Walker, who was his ex-girlfriend. Walker’s family claims he was upset when they broke up as she wanted to move on.

Police reports state that Gaul’s grandfathers gun went missing the night of the November murder. Hours after Walker’s death, Gaul posted tweets on Twitter with a message about her daeth:

That’s my beautiful Emma. Rest easy now sweetheart. 1 Corinthians 13:8. Be sure to remind God about our verse.I love you.Forever and always.

I love you Emma, I can’t be around any of that yet, it’s too soon. I know you know I’m dying to be there but understand I can’t. I love you.

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