“Lesbianism” Listed Under Medical Problems On Woman’s Health Record

An investigation is underway as a North Carolina woman saw “lesbianism” listed under medical problems after she had her blood work done according to FOX NEWS.

Kristina Rodriguez said her doctor and director said it was done to protect her from being offended. The doctor then offered to move her sexual orientation to the general notes section.

Carolinas HealthCare System made a statement:

it is not an appropriate clinical diagnosis, and we are actively investigating how this information was included.

North Carolina did just have an outrage about bathrooms and transgender rules.

Side note: I am in shock that a professional would even say something like this. So, does my sexual orientation matter when I do a blood test? I am asked if I am having unprotected sex, drugs and etc. Not if I’m physically active with a man or female. Why is this ladies orientation notated?

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