‘Underrated” Is What’s Being Said About Big Sean & ‘I Decided’ Album

Rapper Big Sean released his fourth studio album at midnight and music lovers on Twitter and Instagram went crazy making him the trending topic.

‘I Decided’, by GOOD Music and Def Jam Recordings, has 14 tracks and features such as Eminem, Migos, Jhene Aiko and more.

When going on the social networks, all you see is Big Sean is ‘underrated’, people ‘been sleeping on him’ and how great the “No Favors” track with Eminem which became a top trending topic on Twitter this morning.

“I been a fan of @BigSean since I heard his verse in the All of the Lights Remix. He always been slept on. All his albums have been fire” – @KingHogieBear

“Final Anakysis: this @BigSean album is dope. Anyone who disagrees can fight me” – @MarcLamontHill

“It’s time Big Sean is respected. He’s criminally underrated” – @talkmarcus

“Big Sean has always been great so I dk why people are just now starting to catch on” – @jonsantann

“Listening to Big Sean’s new album & its dope” – @ochocinco

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