Are The NY Giants Making Room For Adrian Peterson?

The NY Giants released two players from their offense: Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings. Now we all know the receiving side is fine but the running core hasn’t been the same since Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.

Jennings, who hasn’t made it over 1,000 in any season, makes room for $2.5M and Cruz’s release make $7.5M. Jennings played with the Jacksonville Jaguars for three season and Oakland Raiders for the 2013 season. His best season was 2015 as a Giant with 863 yards, three touchdowns and no playoffs. Cruz has been plagued with injuries after he tore his patellar tendon in 2014. He missed the remainder of that season and all of 2015. mmqb-peterson-adrian-solo

Giants did pick up Paul Perkins, rookie running back, who did well this season.

Veteran Adrian Peterson did state that if he were to be released from the Vikings, he would consider the NY Giants and two other teams. AP is costing Vikings $18M on their cap. This upcoming NFL Draft does have standout running backs like Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook. Maybe they need money to keep Jason Pierre Paul?

At least their in better shape than all the NY sports teams (Knicks, Nets, Jets, Bills)

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