LeBron Suddenly Stops Complaining! Says With Him In Lineup, They Got A Chance

NBA star LeBron James was just whining a few weeks ago about adding more players. Kevin Love is out for about six weeks so you would expect James to go crazy. Well, James told reporters that as long as he’s in the lineup, they have nothing to worry about:

“As long as I’m in the lineup, we’ve got a chance.

We good. Kev is out for an extended period of time. J.R. (Smith) has been out. But I’m in the lineup. I’ll be suiting up. We’ve got a chance against anybody. I ain’t worried.” – USA Today

Cavaliers are 2.5 games ahead of the Boston Celtics for the number one seed and Serge Ibaka was traded to the Toronto Raptors who are sitting in the third spot.

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