8-Year Old Shot Dead After Surviving Car Crash

Click2Houston reports that a 8-year old girl, De’Maree Adkins, was shot after a car crash involving another car. Her mother was driving home early Saturday when they were hit by a speeding Pontiac at an intersection. She asked if her daughter was ok who was half sleep in the back seat and De’Maree did reply “Yeah I’m OK. What happened mmamm?”.

According to reports, another car drove up an she remembers seeing a woman stop out of the car and began firing shots. She realized her daughter was hit when she saw the blood on her jacket. She says she does not know the suspect.

Houston police are seeking answers in the deadly shooting. “We don’t know if they were firing at each other and struck the vehicle, or if once the accident happened, they got angry, jumped out and they shot the vehicle,” said HPD homicide detective David Stark. “We just don’t know.” – Chron.com

The mother says she usually goes the other way but that night she took the Beltway.

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