Carjackers Shoot Woman Dead In Front Of Kids After Crash

Another road rage incident gone wrong in Houston Texas.

NY Daily News reports that a mother, 29 year old Jessica Mills, was shot dead in front of her two children and husband, Edward Scott, after he followed a car that had slammed into his.

Scott was following the gray Jeep after he was hit to get the license plate number. The Jeep was stolen which is why they were speeding and hit Scott and his family in their Ford Explorer.

When he caught up to them in a parking lot, he pulled alongside of them and that’s when someone in the Jeep opened fire. Mills was shot in the back and died.

Houston Police made a statement to the Washington Post:

“In a situation where you know somebody has fled a scene, you should always call it in to police and let us handle the situation. Get a good description of the car and a good description of a suspect … we never encourage citizens to chase suspects.”

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