Schools Harassing & Suspending Kids For Their “Ethnic Hairstyles”! Student Removed From Class Due To Odell Beckham Hairstyle

Family of Jaylon Sewell, 16-year old Neville High School student in Louisiana, are filing a complaint against the school. NY Daily News reports the complaint states that Jaylon and over 20 other black students have been harassed for their hairstyles. Jaylon was removed from the classroom because of his hair. Jaylon has bleached blond hair on top of his dark hair which is inspired by NFL start and Louisiana native Odell Beckham Jr, “other colored styles, braids, dreads, and even for hair deemed “too nappy” by administrators, his family said.”

The family also reports that the school has retaliated by suspending him and barring his participation from the Neville football team.

According to the Monroe City Schools dress code, “Hair styles, and hair dyed outlandish colors which cause a disruption to the educational process shall not be allowed.”

His family went on to say on their complaint filed with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights “when white students with dyed hair were allowed to attend class.”

This is not the first school that we are hearing about this. In Louisville, they banned natural black hairstyles and threaten to suspend students with dreads, braids and twists. An honor student from Lithia Springs High School near Atlanta was suspended due to the color of her hair which was a dark burgundy.

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