Two NJ Men Arrested For The Double Murder Involving RHONJ’s Car

Two men from Paterson New Jersey have been arrested for the double murders last week. Two burned bodies were found in reality star Kim DePaola’s car after firefighters stopped the blaze. Both bodies were unrecognizable but autopsies said both died from gunshot wounds to the head.

NY Daily News confirms the two suspects are 26-year old Clarence Williams and 28-year old Gerry Thomas. Stories claim it was a robbery but reality star DePaola doesn’t believe it, “I’m relieved there are some arrests, bu they’re syaind this was a robbery and I don’t believe it. I think there’s more to the stroy. I think there’s a lot more to the story”.

The victims were identified as 27-year old Aaron Anderson and 25-year old Antonio Vega Jr.

The car was in DePaola’s name but driven by her son Chris. The night of the murders, Chris was dropped off at the airport by Anderson. Police are investigating what happened after that led to their death.

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