NFL Trying To Have Automatic Suspension & Ejections For “Dangerous Hits”

“Panther Prey”
Photo of Tennessee Titans WR Justin McCareins getting sandwiched on a hit by Mike Caldwell (59) and Jarrod Cooper (40) of Carolina Panthers during the
3rd Quarter of their matchup
Credit: Bill Frakes
SetNumber: X69478 TK3

Troy Vincent, NFL Vice president of football operations, made a comment on the committee’s plans yesterday according to The Washington Post. The NFL is debating to see if dangerous hits can result in an automatic suspension or ejection. Currently, the NFL has the rule for defenseless players that get hit unnecessary which results in a 15-yard penalty. Players can be disqualified if hit was flagrant.

Vincent went to Twitter, “We’ll communicate this to our coaches and players with video examples of flagrant hits that may result in ejection or suspension”.

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