Suicide Prevention Groups Claim ’13 Reasons Why’ NETFLIX Series Is Making It Worse

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education feels that the most talked about Netflix series, ’13 Reasons Why’ might cause copy-cats and lead to more suicide attempts. The executive director of SAVE, Dan Reidenberg, told ABC News, “I’ve heard from others that are really concerned because it’s so sensational and so graphic that they’re worried about the copy-cat effect of suicide”.

If you haven’t seen it, the series is about a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, committing suicide and leaving 13 tapes about everyone and incidents that made her commit suicide. The tapes are sent to each person that are named on the tapes. The series is based off of a novel by Jay Asher.

Netflix reports that four mental health experts worked as consultants on the show and crisis hotlines on the shows website.

Reidenberg also say the graphic moment where Hannah slits her wrist was unnecessary, “There should be no reason, no justification whatsoever, why any kind of production — entertainment or news — would be so descriptive and so graphic”. The show was co-produced by pop star, Selena Gomez.

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