Bible Scripture Written On Aaron Hernandez’s Forehead 

New reports from NY Post and NY Daily News state that John 3:16 verse from the Bible was written in red on former NFL tightend, Aaron Hernandez, forehead. 

It’s also been reported that Hernandez may have been smoking synthetic weed the night before his death. They are investigating how Hernandez may have received the drugs. A friend of Hernandez’s is currently in eyeball suicide watch at the prison. He was the last person to see Hernandez before the apparent suicide.

Many believe, including Hernandez’s lawyer Jose Baez, that it was not suicide but possibly murder. Hernandez was found not guilty for a double murder last week and was starting the appeal process for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Officers at the prison state that Hernandez showed no sign of suicide or depression.

There is no confirmation that it is Hernandez’s handwriting on his forehead yet they are claiming right now that he wrote the scripture himself.

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