Sports Illustrated Writer Blames Stephen A. Smith For Layoffs

NY Ports reported that a former Sports Illustrated writer blames a familiar face on ESPN for the shocking 100 layoffs. Jeff Pearlman said that Stephen A. Smith, host of ‘First Take’, gets paid more than the employees who were laid off yet the layoffs was about budgeting. He doesn’t blame Smith for being paid “exponentially more” than others.

Smith fired back:

“Mr. Pearlman’s not black, maybe that’s why he doesn’t understand where I’m coming from.

Maybe that’s why he’s so quick to talk about what I have deserved. I gave ya’ll my resume. I transferred from newspaper to television, from television to television and radio. I’ve done this. My credentials speak for themselves. I’m so sick and tired of people coming at me. If you want to talk credentials, name the time and place. Tell me what level I didn’t work on.”

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