Draymond Green on Charles Barkley Comparison: “F*** NO!”

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green has been compared to Hall of Famer Charles Barkley as they two have similarities when it comes to trash talking on the court and aggression. Green, however, did not like the comparison when asked after practice according to ESPN: .

“Hell no.

I’m the modern-day Draymond Green. F— no.

“[Chuck] told y’all in ’90-what that he wasn’t your kid’s role model anyway … so there you have it.

He wasn’t my role model. I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. … That’s what you do, you talk. You talk junk during basketball. That’s how I was raised. I was raised in a family like that, so I didn’t need a Charles Barkley to influence me.

I wasn’t a Charles Barkley fan growing up. No disrespect to Chuck. He’s a great player, but as I got older, I watched his game because I knew he was undersized and the things that he could do, I tried to add some of that stuff to my game. But nah, he didn’t influence me at all.”

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